engagement ring styles

Engagement ring styles have evolved since we opened our first store in 1915. After a century of service, the Helzberg name has come to stand for quality, knowledge and trust. But most importantly, at its very core, Helzberg Diamonds stands for love.

When buying an engagement ring diamond, it is important to keep your preferences and budget in mind. The perfect diamond and ring setting come together to create a breathtaking engagement ring that your partner will love.

solitaire engagement rings

The classic solitaire style showcases a single diamond or gemstone set on a ring with no accent stones. Simple, classic and always in style. The most common technique for mounting a solitaire diamond is a prong setting (more on that later).

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halo engagement rings

The halo engagement ring style features a diamond halo around a center stone. This creates greater impact for your ring's overall look and will make the center stone look larger.

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double halo engagement rings

Double halo engagement rings feature a secondary halo of diamonds encircling a first, making the center gemstone appear even larger and more brilliant.

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three-stone engagement rings

A three-stone ring features three stones in the same or similar sizes, representing “yesterday, today and tomorrow”—a romantic symbol of your journey together. Like all of our engagement rings, the three-stone ring is highly customizable.

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vintage engagement rings

Designed to look like heirlooms, vintage engagement rings are inspired by antique styles and the charm of the past. From Victorian-inspired rings to Edwardian engagement styles, a vintage engagement ring can be the one-of-a-kind style you're looking for.

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matching bridal ring sets

Some engagement rings come as a set with a matching band. If you want an engagement ring that has maximum glamour with minimal effort, then a matching bridal ring set is a fabulous choice.

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side-stone engagement rings

A side-stone ring is a popular option for those who want more sparkle. Side stones can refer to stones that flank the center stone or smaller stones that accent the band and complement a center stone.

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diamond cluster engagement rings

In a composite or diamond “cluster” ring setting, smaller diamonds are closely set together to resemble a larger single diamond. Diamond cluster rings contain smaller diamonds of equal size. These diamonds are clustered together to mimic classic center diamond shapes to dazzling effect.

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create your own

Looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring? Then create your own! Partner with our jewelry experts to select your center stone and setting, then have it come to life with expert craftsmanship and quality.

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what is an engagement ring setting?

The term “setting” refers to how a gem is mounted, or set, into a precious metal band. Ideally, an engagement ring's setting should showcase the beauty of the gemstone while reflecting the unique personality of the wearer. In addition to determining how the engagement ring will look, the setting will help determine what kind of diamond or gemstone you will buy.

channel-set ring

Channel settings do not include beads, prongs or any fixtures in between the stones. Instead, the gems are set adjacent to each other with only the minimum amount of space separating them. This row of closely set diamonds is secured in place by metal bars on either side. Channel-set diamonds are known for their continuous sparkle all the way around the ring band.

cathedral setting ring

The cathedral setting features a center gemstone flanked by metal arches that rise from the shank. This elevated profile secures the stone in place, while giving it a very distinct profile. It also creates what looks similar to a basket on the underside of the engagement ring. The setting is reminiscent of the lovely arches in ceilings and doorways of Gothic-style cathedrals.

diamond prong setting types

Prong choice is a very important part of the ring selection process. Strong prongs securely hold the gemstone while still allowing plenty of light to enter your diamond or other gemstone. Prongs can be placed at each corner of a ring, with four or six prongs evenly spaced around the stone. The most popular prong setting styles are four- and six-prong, although eight- and ten-prong styles can also be found. Prong shape will vary according to design. The thicker and more numerous the prongs, the more durable the ring.

shared prong

Commonly used for larger gemstones, shared prong settings hold together several stones, with each one sharing a set of prongs next to it. The shared prong gives the compelling appearance of an array of gemstones spread across the ring finger with minimal metal exposed.

single-shared prong

Single-shared prongs also feature a series of gemstones, but with more metal between them. This type of shared prong setting is cost-efficient since it saves on materials and doesn't overwhelm the gemstones with the unnecessary installation of metal.


In a pavé setting, small gemstones or diamonds are held in place with very small metal beads. Because the gems are so closely set, it creates a “paved” look, which earns the style the French name of pavé. Pavé settings provide a twinkling, sparkly effect that makes a ring stand out.


Whether they're channel set, cathedral set or pavé set, eternity rings are designed to have no visible strip of metal on either side of the diamonds. Eternity rings can be set with diamond gems all the way around the band or with diamonds only halfway set across the visible side of the ring.

frequently asked questions

When gems are aligned with the flat surface of the ring's precious metal, it is called a flush setting. These are the safest settings for people who work with their hands or lead active lifestyles. They are also less expensive ring settings compared to other options.

While trends come and go, the striking diamond solitaire has long been a favorite when it comes to engagement rings. Solitaire settings look fantastic with almost any diamond shape, but they look especially striking with a round brilliant diamond.

While most people prefer to purchase a setting and stone together, there are exceptions. For instance, some people already own a diamond or wish to source a stone from another existing ring. Helzberg sells settings without the stone in stores, but not online.
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Depending on each individual it can take a few weeks to a month or two. If a ring is in stock and pre-made, it will usually be shipped out within one to two weeks.

Not sure what diamond style is best for your partner's future engagement ring? No worries! Our team of jewelry experts can help you decide on the style that best suits them. Schedule an appointment online or in person today.

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