Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A cushion-cut shape has all the pizzazz of a round cut with a must-have profile. The expanded facets and rounded corners of cushion-cut engagement rings create a jaw-dropping effect.

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Moissanite Cushion-Cut Halo Ring in 14K Yellow Gold (2 5/8 ct. tw.)

cushion cut diamond engagement rings

Beautiful and versatile, cushion-cut diamonds have large facets that maximize brilliance. They also have lovely rounded corners that create a soft, romantic feel.

A timeless gemstone shape, the cushion cut has been used for nearly two centuries, originating from an antique cut known as a "candlelight diamond" due to its large facets designed to sparkle in low light. Cushion-cut diamond rings get their modern name from their pillow-like square shape with soft corners. The cut's proportions vary with some appearing square and others long and narrow. Cushion cut rings are the most popular choice for fancy diamond shapes. They also display some of the most intense fire of any diamond cut.

white, yellow & rose gold cushion-cut engagement rings

Cushion-cut diamonds radiate fire reflected in white gold. The cut takes on a classic elegance in timeless yellow gold and a vivid shimmer in warm, rose gold. Whatever your taste, Helzberg has a breathtaking cushion-cut diamond engagement ring to suit your preference and style.

cushion-cut platinum engagement rings

Exceptionally rare, platinum is prized for its legendary luster, strength and durability. Designed to maximize light, the cushion cut truly shines amid reflective platinum settings.

lab grown cushion-cut engagement rings

Identical to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are a popular choice for today's brides. Celebrated for their fiery sparkle and eco-friendly nature, these beautiful and budget-friendly gems are available in a cushion cut. Discover diverse design options in platinum and white, yellow or rose gold.

cushion-cut moissanite engagement ring

Your betrothed deserves a ring as vibrant as your love story. A moissanite engagement ring brings a flair to their finger with flickers of rainbow fire. The cushion-cut intensifies the effect, creating a truly eye-catching look that elevates their everyday style.

Whether you're searching for a timeless solitaire, double halo or cushion-cut diamond engagement ring, Helzberg has you covered. Create your own or explore our entire collection and discover stunning rings in every shape and style.