alternative engagement rings

Finding the right engagement ring that reflects your future fiancé’s unique personal style may call for something a little less traditional. The good news is there’s no wrong way to choose a ring, and the options for creating a beautiful alternative engagement ring are truly limitless.

moissanite engagement rings

Moissanite has recently become a popular option for an alternative wedding stone. It looks similar to a sparkly diamond, is hard and scratch-resistant and often has lovely peach and rose undertones. Moissanite is less expensive than diamonds, which means you can often purchase a much larger stone within your budget.

sapphire engagement rings

Sapphires take the lead when it comes to choosing a stone that will maintain its beauty and hold up to daily wear. Sapphire is a stunning blue gemstone that boasts incredible durability, and makes a wonderful choice for alternative engagement ring options.

custom and engraved engagement rings

Creating a custom engagement ring is the best way to get exactly what you want. If the engagement is not a surprise, your partner might like helping pick out the stone and setting.

Choosing the stone is only half the fun. You can also get creative with your selection of setting by deciding which metal you like and whether you want a setting that is modern, classic, vintage, etc.

To make the ring even more unique and meaningful, you can add an engraved inscription inside the band.

design your custom engagement ring

stacking rings

Stacking bands that coordinate are perfect for brides who prefer a more delicate appeal. Rather than using one larger stone as the centerpiece, choose several smaller bands and add on overtime for anniversaries and special holidays.

The single band speaks to classic simplicity. Perfect for the minimalist who loves clean lines and understated elegance, the single band gracefully commemorates an engagement or wedding.

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