high quality, ethical diamonds & jewelry: quality over everything

The Helzberg Difference can be expressed in a single phrase: Quality Over Everything. From our strict diamond quality standards to the ethical sourcing of our materials, we go above and beyond industry standards to provide you with the exceptional quality that has defined us over the past century.

the highest quality diamonds

We go out of our way to ensure that our diamond quality is the best in the business. Our diamond standards are so strict that we routinely reject diamonds that have been graded by third party diamond labs. We consistently outshine our competitors by maintaining the highest quality standards across the board.

jewelry crafted with love

We design every piece of jewelry with you in mind, partnering with master craftsmen using only superior quality gemstones, the finest metals and stunning designs to craft something you’ll cherish forever. We also proudly offer a Lifetime Care Plan to help you maintain the beauty of your jewelry over its lifetime.

superior diamond selection

Every diamond is hand-selected from international diamond markets year-round. This allows us to not only see the diamonds first-hand, but also affords us the opportunity to be highly selective in the diamonds we choose and to secure better, more upfront pricing for our customers.

Ethical Diamond Sourcing

By adhering to the Kimberley Process, American Gem Society and World Diamond Council standards, we can ensure that our natural diamonds are ethically sourced from start to finish.

Kimberley process

We’re a leading supporter of the Kimberley Process, which prevents the sale of conflict diamonds in the United States and around the world. Our business partners are under legal and contractual obligation to keep records of the Kimberley Process Certificates for all rough diamonds. These certificates must be independently verified on an annual basis.

world diamond council

We will not purchase any diamond mined after December 31, 2002 that is not accompanied by the World Diamond Council warranty statement, in which the seller certifies and guarantees that the diamond has been ethically sourced.

environmentally conscious practices

We have a responsibility to provide beautiful jewelry that is also sustainable for the earth.

managing our environmental footprint

We’re committed to managing our environmental footprint by minimizing negative impact. We require our partners to comply with environmental laws, agree not to source gold from protected areas or cause harm to the environment. This includes the International Union for Conservation of Nature categories i-iv. In other words, we do our very best to protect our earth.

responsible metals mining

We’re committed to sourcing metals that are environmentally and socially conscious. Our gold and other precious metals are produced under the highest social, environmental and human rights standards.

Our partners are required to adhere to these same principles, too, and to be in compliance with the conflict minerals laws which Congress passed as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. We also fully condemn the use of any minerals to fund conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in its adjoining countries or anywhere in the world.

human rights for all

All of the jewelry we make or source from partners is created without forced labor of any kind, at any stage in the sourcing or manufacturing process, without exception.