pairing engagement rings and bands

When it's time to pair the right band with your already dazzling engagement ring, our band-buying guide is a clear place to start. But let's consider some of the finer points of pairing.

matching versus unique bands

Is there ever a time when you'll want to leave your engagement ring at home and wear your wedding band by itself? In this case, you'll want to make sure your wedding band is substantial enough to stand alone and is not a nesting ring.

Do you want to seek out matching band sets? Decide if you both want the same color of metal and similar design or if you want to choose a band style particular to your individual tastes.

wedding band shapes

Choose a band that accommodates the shape of your engagement ring. Some shapes, like a classic solitaire diamond, are easy to pair with almost any band, however, if your engagement ring is a pear or emerald, you’ll want to choose a band that fits under or around the setting on your engagement ring.

stacking bands

Stacking bands can be a beautiful, alternative style to a single band. Instead of choosing one larger band, brides choose multiple smaller bands that complement the engagement ring. This is extra fun if you want to collect stackable bands as anniversary gifts throughout the years.

nesting bands

A nesting band features your engagement ring in a gorgeous framework and makes it look a whole lot bigger! Feel free to choose a nesting band that brings the bling, but make sure it doesn't outshine or overshadow your engagement ring.


If you plan to wear both rings together, you may want to consider having them soldered into one ring. This prevents them from rubbing together and wearing each other down. This also prevents them from spinning around on your finger independently, which may happen when your fingers contract on chilly winter days. You can have this done when your ring is being sized.