ring size guide

Choosing the proper ring size is an essential step in the jewelry buying process. An improperly sized ring can be uncomfortable and, in some instances, difficult to resize. Helzberg has some great tools and tips to help you measure or estimate the correct ring size for your special someone.

how to measure ring size

The best way to correctly measure your finger size is to visit your local Helzberg Diamonds Store, where our knowledgeable Associates can determine the right size for diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, bands or fashion rings. If you are unable to make the trip, there are some ways you can estimate your ring finger size at home.

how to measure ring size at home

There are a few easy tricks to get a fairly accurate idea of your ring size at home. One way is to find an existing ring that fits correctly on the exact finger you want to measure. Then, match the inside edge of that ring to the correct diameter on a printable ring size chart. You can also separately measure the inner edge of the ring and use that number (in millimeters) to determine the correct ring size. If you don’t have a ruler, you can also use a strip of paper or a string to measure your ring finger.

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how to measure ring size with string


Cut a small strip of flexible string, ribbon, thread or dental floss.


Wrap it firmly (but not too tight) around your ring finger.


Compare your measurement with Helzberg’s ring sizing chart. Double and triple check for accuracy.

ring sizing tips

The average ring size in the United States is 6, but this can vary considerably based on the person’s build. To ensure an optimal fit, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a ring size:

  • Use an existing ring that fits correctly on the finger that you want to measure.

  • Be sure to account for the width of bands or stacking rings.

  • Rings should fit comfortably and be snug enough to stay on but loose enough to fit over your knuckle.

  • Remember that engagement and wedding bands are traditionally worn on the left-hand ring finger, while fashion rings can be worn on any finger on either hand.

find your ring size with help from helzberg

measure in-store

The most accurate way to get a proper fit is to visit us at your nearest Helzberg Diamonds location. One of our Associates will find your ideal ring size while accounting for knuckle size, changes in seasons and other factors that can affect your diamond ring size.

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printable ring size chart

Can't make it into a Helzberg store? Use our printable ring size chart and match the inside edge of the ring to the correct diameter shown.

download the ring size chart

free mailed ring sizer

If you aren't able to print our complimentary ring sizing chart, you can request a complimentary ring sizer mailed to your door. Find your perfect fit by requesting a plastic, free ring sizer (U.S. only). Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.

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ring resizing

When a ring doesn’t fit a finger well, it may need to be resized. It's usually best to buy a ring a bit larger, since sizing down is much less complicated than increasing the size of a ring. Because jewelers have to add more material, it typically costs more to make a ring larger than to reduce its size.

how to resize a ring

Jewelers use various methods to resize rings. If the ring is too big, they will remove a small portion of the shank. If the ring isn’t big enough, jewelers will typically cut the bottom of the ring and add a tiny piece of metal to the shank.

We want you to feel confident in your ring purchase, which is we’re proud to offer an invaluable Lifetime Care Plan that covers resizing or reshanking rings. Additionally, this Lifetime Care Plan includes all inspections, cleanings and covered repairs and services to the jewelry.

Depending on the type of jewelry you plan to have covered by the Lifetime Care Plan, coverage will include resizing or reshanking of rings, along with the replacement of lost or damaged diamonds and gemstones.

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frequently asked questions

In many cases, you can exchange the ring for the correct size. If there is not a similar option available in the size you need, Helzberg can resize the ring according to your specifications.

Helzberg offers a broad range of ring sizes to suit the unique needs of our customers. We can also resize rings to ensure a comfortable fit.

Rings are usually measured by their inner diameter in millimeters. In the U.S., ring sizes are obtained using a numeric scale based on quarters and half units.

Jewelers use the same size chart for men and women. That said, women generally prefer narrower bands because they tend to have smaller fingers.

This depends on whether you are increasing or decreasing the size of the ring. If the ring is too large, jewelers can remove a small portion of the shank. However, if the ring is too small, jewelers have to cut the bottom of the piece and add a small amount of metal to the shank. Helzberg offers timely resizing services that typically exceed our customers’ expectations.