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Emerald & 1/3 ct. tw. Diamond Ring in 10K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $949.99 to $599.99
Emerald Bolo Bracelet in 10K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $499.99 to $279.99
Emerald & Diamond Accent Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $749.99 to $499.99
Price reduced from $699.99 to $499.99

give the gift of emerald birthstone jewelry

With depthless green hues, emeralds have long been prized for their beauty, value and exceptional rarity. Twenty times scarcer than diamonds, May’s birthstone yields stunning jewelry pieces.

One of the world’s most celebrated gems, the emerald May birthstone makes an exceptional gift.

May birthstone rings add compelling color to the finger, especially when complemented with luxe diamond accents. The effect is amplified with an eye-catching pair of matching May birthstone earrings.

Searching for a different colored birthstone? Our striking gemstone jewelry offers a compelling palette of colors and hues. Whatever your preference, there’s a stunning selection to suit your style. Browse our gemstone collection or create your own unique jewelry piece that reflects your one-of-a-kind style.